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Lesson – 1A, sabaku – 1a By Kamal Mirchandani San Francisco CA

Kamal Mirchandani San Francisco CA [02-Aug-2013]

Relations – maita (additional examples)

ad~o elder brother – ad~ee elder sister
chaacho father’s brother – chaachee his wife
pupfee father’s sister – pupharu her husband
maamo mother’s brother – maamee his wife
maasee mother’s sister – maasaru her husband
sautu father’s brother’s son– sauti his sister
pupfaatu father’s sister’s son – puphaati his sister
maarotu mother’s brother’s son – maaroti his sister
maasaat~u mother’s sister’s son – maasaat~i his sister
sahuro father in law – sasu mother in law
naathee son in law – ‘noonha daughter in law
saalo wife’s brother – saalee wife’s sister
d^eru husband’s brother – d^eraanee his wife
niraan~i husband’s sister - bhaaj^aaee brother’s wife
para d^aad^o grandfather’s father – para d^aad^ee grandmother’s mother

Gender - jinsa (additional examples and Rules)

Rule 1:
Masculine ends with u…….feminine ends with i
uthu he camel – uthi she camel
gad^ahu he donkey – gad^ahi she donkey
Note three more listed in the Relations above

Rule 2:

Masculine ends with o…….feminine ends with ee
kut~o dog – kut~ee bitch
ghor^o horse – ghor^ee mere
b^akro he goat – b^akree she goat
b^ilo Tom cat – b^ilee she cat
b^udho old man – b^udhee old lady
kiko baby boy – kikee baby girl
kaako uncle – kaakee aunty
Note four more listed in the Relations above

Rule 3:

Masculine ends with ee…….feminine ends with in~i
haath~ee he elephant – haathin~i she elephant
dh~ob^ee washer-man - dh~ob^in~i she washer-person

Some Exceptions to the Rules:
jhirku he sparrow – jhirkee she sparrow
raajaa the king – raan~ee the queen
maaliku he master, owner – maalkin~i she master, mistress
ghotu the groom – ku’nvaari the bride
mard~u male, husband – zaala woman, wife
putu son - dh~eea daughter
dhag^o bullock – gaa’ni cow


Sindhu Academy USA (May, 2013)

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